Updated Edition

The updated edition of A Girl’s Guide to College not only reflects how much has changed on college campuses since I was a college student myself, but also a change in perspective, now that I’ve been in the “real world” for several years now and look back at my college years with a different pair of eyes. What has made the book so successful, however, is that the advice always comes straight from college girls as they are living the college life. As such, while writing this new edition, I enlisted a wonderfully wise and intelligent team of college girls from all over the country—my “college life consultants”—whose personal stories and insights into college life not only helped make this updated edition accessible to a new generation, but also provided unique perspectives to complement my own. I’m so grateful to all of them—taking the time out of their valuable summer, no less—for their contributions to the book!

Excerpt from the Preface to the Updated Edition

When I wrote the first edition of A Girl’s Guide to College as a senior in college in 2003, I didn’t own a mobile phone (nor did most of my friends), and social-networking websites didn’t exist. The idea of attending class “online” was a completely foreign concept, and for the most part, academic research required the Dewey decimal system and a long hunt through rows of dusty books in the physical space of a library. A great deal has changed in the past eight years. College social and academic life is dominated by technology, as students make weekend plans by checking their friends’ social-networking profiles and fulfill course requirements by logging on to virtual learning environments.

This new edition has been updated to account for this major shift in the lifestyle of college students. While doing research for this update, however, I found that when it comes to college life, some things will forever remain the same. As such, much of the book’s content remains unchanged from the original edition. After all, college life for any generation will invariably be a time of exploration and discovery, personal growth and its accompanying growing pains, and a setting for unparalleled and life-changing relationships and experiences.


Table of Contents

  • Preface to the Updated Edition
  • Introduction—Well, it’s about time, isn’t it?
  • Chapter One—The Summer Before College: What to Do
  • Chapter Two—Your New Home: Turning a Shoebox into a Palace
  • Chapter Three—Friend or Enemy: Getting Along with Your Roommate
  • Chapter Four—Why You Are Here: The Skinny on Classes
  • Chapter Five—Health and Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself
  • Chapter Six—Getting Social: Meeting People and Having Fun
  • Chapter Seven—Sex and the “Dating” Scene: Hookups, Relationships, and Everything In Between
  • Chapter Eight—Being Independent: Laundry, Money, and Other Grown-Up Stuff
  • Conclusion—Looking back at four irreplaceable years