Traci Maynigo’s A Girl’s Guide to College is fresh, funny, and wonderfully practical. Ideal for the college-bound. I’ll be giving it to my teen daughters!
—Carol Weston, author of Girltalk and For Teens Only

A high-school graduate needs only so many copies of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Now Traci Maynigo joins the good doctor on the shelf with this book—a blessing for graduation gift-givers as well as their female recipients.
—Julia Feldmeier, Washingtonian Online (November 2003)

Reading A Girl’s Guide to College is like getting advice from your best friend and older sister at the same time. Maynigo presents her topic in an upbeat tone. It may very well make you wish you were leaving for college a little sooner.
—Elizabeth Couch Brownell, Teen Ink (November 2004)

Traci Maynigo has written the essential book for any girl getting ready to embark on her college journey. . . . A Girl’s Guide to College is a witty, intriguing guide to prepare any girl for college life. . . . [It’s] a must-read for any girl who’s considering college or on her way.
—Jessica Burkhart, Teen Voices (August 2004)

It answers questions young women might not even think to ask: concerns about decorating a dorm room, money management, dating, profiles of types of college guys, a list of classic party songs and even a formula for titling papers.
New Haven Register (August 23, 2004)

Allow Yale graduate Traci show you how to make the most out of your college life in this definitive campus guidebook. This handy book helps you deal with practically all of your school concerns, from preparing for exams to recovering from a failed relationship to spotting the perfect parties. Let somebody who has been there and done all that give you a taste of the things to come, and hopefully, help you have a smoother ride.
—Angelo Comsti, Chalk Magazine (June 2004)

Every year of college will find you changing, and always for the better,” writes the author, a new Yale graduate. In this guide, she offers down-to-earth advice for young women.
Yale Alumni Magazine

We’re so proud of our Fil-Am authors. Traci Maynigo, an alumna of McLean’s Langley High School and daughter of Ben and Tina Maynigo, this recent college graduate from Yale has written a good guide for college students—from a packing checklist (hangers, theme-party costumes) to laundry instructions to party-tune suggestions to tips on formatting term-paper titles. Interspersed are amusing anecdotes from students: roommate horror stories, all-night studying disasters and accounts of dating debacles.